Go Beyond…

Travelfa is here to help you experience culture. The founder is a backpacker who loves to travel. In 2018, getting tired of office politics, she resigned from her job and began a solo journey around the world that lasted over 500 days. She initiated the “Happiness Project”, asking people along her travels what happiness meant to them. She especially loves to listen to locals tell their stories and observe the fascinating traditional crafts of different cultures. She talked to the local people to understand better, and at the same time observed and learned. Her workshops are inspired by the people and their stories that she brought back from her travels.

Returning home from her global travel in 2020 with a sense that life and the world can be fickle, she wanted to find a meaningful job she enjoyed while it was still possible. Therefore she decided to open up the workshop in order for others to have the opportunity to experience the different unique cultures of the world, exchange stories, and have the chance to give back to the community.

Travelfa through unique cultural exchange activities such as craft workshops allow interested people to discover the diverse cultures and stories each place in the world holds. The “Fa” in Travelfa is not only part of the pen name of the founder but it also holds the meaning of “Travel Far,” and hopes for all those who participates to go beyond boundaries, break out of their mold, and to think outside the box.

Travelfa also has plans to develop community projects, hoping to support people of different backgrounds with needs through cultural workshops.


1. Give participants a chance to dive deeper into the heart of other countries’ culture.
2. Provide them the opportunity to experience first hand traditional artwork and culture within a short time frame.
3. Achieve social inclusion through cultural experience workshops and activities.


The founder of Travelfa is a backpacker, travel writer, guest speaker, and native of Hong Kong. In the past several years she has traveled to 80 plus countries spanning 7 continents. Between 2018-2020 she began a 527 days journey across the globe, visiting over 56 countries. She has previously worked in Australia and Japan, volunteered at a school for Syrian refugees and a homeless shelter in India. She loves to explore and has traveled as far as Antartica, the primitive tribes in Africa, reclusive North Korea, countries of ex-soviet and ex-Yugoslavia, and many unrecognized countries. Her travel interviews can be found broadcasted by major newspapers, television, and radio stations.

THE FOUNDER is a crafts instructor. Her past creative works include ink painting titled “Roaming the universe”, “Wandering in Wonderland”, “Daring to fly is not a sickness”, and “Lone traveler under the moon” which were showcased at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre with the theme “Travel x Freedom”. She has worked with companies, schools, and large organizations such as Zurich (HK), Shangri-La Hotels, and the Education University of Hong Kong.