We provide a wide variety of cultural workshops, with an emphasis on ethnic handicrafts, and also travel and training seminars.

Ideal for employee leisure and social activities, team building, activity booths, interest classes, festivals, birthday parties, parent/children events, and private events. The activities cater to children, youth, and adults. We welcome companies, schools, social welfare organizations, and private groups to contact us to receive a quote. We provide:

  • ethnic handicrafts and cultural experience workshops from around the world, different from your typical handicraft workshops
  • travel-related sharing and workshops, tailored to suit your specific needs
  • tailor-made workshops, seminars, and package deals
  • workshops that are not listed on our website. Just Contact Us for discussion.

Participants: from 8 to 60 individuals

Duration: 1-2 hours (dependent on activity or content)

[Reservations must be 2 weeks prior]

(Due to the virus outbreak, activities can be done online with materials provided. Call us for more information)

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