WORLD Craft Workshops

Participants can learn crafts from different countries. They are able to step by step acquire new skills along with useful tips. We ensure that each student receives the best one-on-one attention from our instructors.

Cultural crafts

during her travels, the workshop owner learned to make cultural crafts through talking, observing, and learning from locals and understanding how it was done. she is now able to share with you the crafts and stories through these workshops.

ukrainian embroidery mirror

Russian Matryoshka Doll

Native American Dream Catcher

mexican ojo de dios

Arabian knot Woven basket

Indonesian Batik cloth

Vietnamese Rattan Lamp

Indian MandAla Charm

Pakistani Henna On Glass

travel memories

Throughout her travels, different individuals and events inspired the workshop owner to create this series of workshops to help you relive the good memories of your travels.

Moroccan rug tufting

Mt. fuji candle holder

Namibian Rope Bracelet

Bali tree of life

New Class Coming Soon

Afghan Lapis Lazuli Wirewound Ring

Iran Mosaic light box

Antarctic Iceberg Candle

French macaron scented candle

Art Jamming

Nordic Woven Picnic Basket

Easter Island Moai Aroma stone