Iran Mosaic Light Box

This workshop is inspired by the beautiful stained windows of the Nasir-al-Mulk Mosque in Iran.

The mosque known as commonly as the pink mosque is located in the historic city of Shiraz in iran. The mosque was built during the Qajar Dynasty, with Construction starting in 1876. It took twelve years to complete. The most impressive thing about the mosque is it is comprised of many stained glass windows and carpets and the interior has pink tiles, thus it is called the “Pink Mosque”. When the sun rises and the sunlight shines through the windows, it’s like being in a kaleidoscope of illusion. the patterns everyone will paint in this workshop are imitating the characteristic colored windows of the mosque.
The instructor once wandered in Iran for a month, not staying in hotels or hostels, but staying with different locals in their homes while listening to stories. In the class, the instructor will show you the real side of Iran, and explain the current affairs issues that have attracted much attention in recent years, as well as the recent changes in Iranian society.

What’s Included:

  • Sharing of experience in Iran by the instructor
  • explanation of architecture and culture behind the mosque
  • instruction of technique for applying paint to the glass
  • Completion of a beautiful and practical storage/light box
  • All materials included

Workshop Duration: 2 hrs


Workshop Capacity: 2 people or above

Workshop fee: $360/person

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