Moroccan Rug Tufting

Carpets/rugs in North Africa and persian cultures, are often hand knotted or thread knitted. With the appearance of new technologies such as the tufting gun, traditional crafts and modern technology was melded to simplify the carpet/rug making process. The tufting gun punches thread by thread onto the fabric to create your personal design.

During the workshop, you can freely created your one and only design. (It is not limited to traditional/cultural designs. You can choose cartoon characters, your pet, words, or symbols, or other designs. If you are unsure, you can always discuss with us and we can suggest ideas for you.)

FInished products include carpets, ornaments, mirrors, coasters, chair cushions, etc.

What’s Included:

  • Introduction to the background of carpets from different regions
  • Showcase of carpet/rug collection from across the world
  • instruction of using the tufting gun and safety protocols
  • practice before actual tufting
  • assistance with design and color matching
  • instruction of post-production steps

Attention: Participants must send in their carpet design idea 2 weeks before workshop so that we can check/make adjustments if necessary. (We don’t recommend overly complicated designs for beginners.)

Workshop Duration: 5-6 hrs (4 hrs of tufting, 1-2 hrs for post-production)


Workshop Capacity: 3-6 people

*Every Additional 30 minutes + $50

*partner with a friend + $250

*Welcome to take photo in our ethnic style workshop with rugs purchased from around the world

*If you opt to have post-production done by Travelfa, each piece will be charge $150

*fees may be incurred when extra time is requested for completion

Sign up methods: email/whatsapp/IG/website

(Post-production: As the backing glue material takes times to dry, an additional 2 hours of post-production work time will need to be scheduled for another date. please make appointment with instructor.)

Other times are available based on reservations, book your appointment soon.

3 people or above to form private workshop.

companies/groups/organisations/schools/private classes welcomed, please contact us for more information.


whatsapp: +85257222171



Cancellation policy:

All workshops registrations are final – See our policy here.