Russian Matryoshka Doll

матрёшка is the russian word for matryoshka dolls, which is composed of several of the same or similar painted hollow wooden dolls of up to more than ten. The more traditional matryoshka dolls are of a girl in Russian costume commonly worn in rural areas at that time. Named after the typical woman’s name “Matryona”. Today’s Russian matryoshka is very diverse and has been drawn into different characters and cartoons.

Workshop details:

  • Instruction of traditional russian doll drawing skills
  • instruction to russian culture and traditional crafts
  • Explanation to color matching and coordination
  • can be personalised through design patterns according to preference

Include all materials (Blank Matryoshka Doll, measurement tools, pens/pencils, pattern outline & paints)

Workshop Duration: 1.5 hours

Location: Winful Industrial building Ngau Tau kok/other locations as needed

Workshop capacity: 2-4 people (min. of 2 people, 4 people or above for private group)

Workshop Fee: $280/person

sign up methods: email/whatsapp/ig/website

Other times are available based on reservations, book your appointment soon. June 2021 Schedule coming soon. You may request for specific time by making an appointment.

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