ukrainian embroidery mirror

Ukrainian embroidery is a cultural art form with a long history. Ukrainians since ancient times have not only been embroidering on their traditional shirt, the “VYSHIVANOK”, but also on other items such as ornaments, fine products, ritual cloth (RUSHNYK) and towels. The materials used for embroidery are mostly cotton and linen. The embroidery patterns differ from region to region, but they are all based on geometric figures, animals, and flowers. Different patterns symbolise different meanings. the method of Ukrainian traditional embroidery is mainly cross stitch, but other embroidery techniques are also used, and sometimes mixed.

Workshop details:

  • Instruction of three embroidery techniques
  • instruction for Basic steps of embroidery
  • INtroduction to ukrainian culture and traditional crafts
  • can be personalised by embroidery of name of person

Include all materials (Embroidery frame, wool embroidery thread, needle, cloth, pattern outline, & Mirror)

Workshop Duration: 3 hours

Location: Winful Industrial building Ngau Tau kok/other locations as needed

Workshop capacity: 2-4 people (min. of 2 people, 4 people or above for private group)

Workshop Fee: $380/person

sign up methods: email/whatsapp/ig/website

Companies/groups/organisations/schools/private classes welcomed, please contact us for more information:


whatsapp: +85257222171



Cancellation policy:

All workshops registrations are final – See our policy here.

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