Bali Tree of Life

The tree of life can be found across different countries, cultures, and religions. The tree of life can mean and symbolize different things. For example, it has significant importance to the jewish culture, the bodhi tree in buddhism, the world tree in nordic mythology, and the jebe tree in ancient mayan civilization. While traveling in bali, it is common to see local artists hand weaving the tree of life and selling them in their shops.

Workshop details:

  • Introduction to the cultural background of the tree of life
  • instruction to color matching and coordination
  • Instruction to the weaving technique for tree of life
  • instruction to adding ornaments to the tree of life
  • Complete a tree of life with diameter size of 10cm

Include all materials

Workshop Duration: 2.5 hours

Location: Winful Industrial building Ngau Tau kok/other locations as needed

Workshop capacity: 2-4 people (min. of 2 people, 4 people or above for private group)

Workshop Fee: $280/person

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