Indonesian batik cloth

Batik is a traditional craft from Indonesia, and In 2009 it was listed by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. Batik is a javanese word which means drawing patterns dot by dot. The batik dyeing technique is to use a pen with a sharp beak where wax can be poured out carefully to draw patterns onto a cloth. After the design has been placed onto the cloth, it is dip dyed until the ideal color is achieved. The wax is removed which results in the undyed portion of the cloth forming the design.

What’s Included:

  • Introduction to the origins of batik dyeing technique and the cultural significance behind it
  • Teaching of wax melting skills
  • Teaching of skills on how to use “canting” pen and drawing techniques
  • The completed cloth can be used as a scarf, pocket square, head scare, etc.

Include All materials (Wax, cloth, needle, canting pen, stove, patterns, postage)

Workshop Duration: 2.5 hours


Workshop Capacity: 2-4 people (min. of 2 people, 4 people or above for private group)

workshop fee: $450/person

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